Publix Abruptly Cancels Wednesday’s Covid Vaccine Appt Signup


Continuing its world-class administration of Florida’s principal means of setting up vaccine appointments, Publix today abruptly cancelled Wednesday’s 7am, previously-scheduled COVID LOTTO-style sign up process.

The grocery store — which contributed a substantial sum to Governor DeSantis’ election campaign — has been the exclusive distributor of Florida’s COVID vaccinations, but did not bother putting up an announcement on its Web site (as of 11:18 PM on 2/16/2021) to alert Floridians about this late-breaking development.

Florida seniors had to learn about it on the telly.

Publix cited weather as the culprit; wherever this stuff is being manufactured or warehoused is snowed in.

Meanwhile, the forecast for tomorrow in Miami is partly cloudy, with temps in the low 80s.