Wild Thing


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Maybe it was the heat of the day.

Around 11am today, I felt her calling me.  She was hungry.  I could sense it.

So I took the bus downtown, bought 1 tin of cat food for 28 LE (chicken and tuna) at BestWay, and took the West Golf line to her house.

I walked past the abandoned gate at the villa where I lived for the last 3 months, and rang the doorbell out of precaution.

No answer.

I then did my clicking sounds to call her.  Nothing. Not a sign of her anywhere.

I went around the back, and saw that the towel doughnut that she used to sleep in was gone. More importantly, her bowl was empty, as was the bag of food I had left with the pool guy.

I walk around the property, calling her, but still no Sandy.

I hoped she was still okay.

Finally I decided to leave.

But before doing so, I opened the tin of cat food, and put it in her bowl.

Then I went to the gate to wait for the bus.

And as I was waiting, I heard an unmistakable sound, and there she was.

My little beauty girl.

She did not leap into my arms.  Instead, she did her rubbing against the wall and stones thing, but kept just out of reach.

It was not obvious she was happy to see me, as would be the case with a dog, but I could tell she was doing a silent prrrrrt thing inside.

So I scooped her up, and kissed her on the head.

Then I carried her to the back of the villa, and put her down in front of the bowl of cat food.

The poor thing was ravenous. I guess Tommy has been eating all the food that I left with the pool guy.

I watched her wolf down the entire bowl, and then I went back to the gate to wait for the bus.

She followed me, of course, but always staying just out of reach.

The pool guy showed up, and said the food had gone quickly.  I said I would be back tomorrow with another bag of food, but that after that, it would be up to the owner of the villa if she was going to take care of Sandy or not.

So, I will be seeing her again tomorrow.

As the bus driver said on the way back, leaving a cat behind to starve is haram.

I’m wondering. Should I bring her to the new villa?


PS I went back at 8:30PM.  She was so hungry! Good thing I had another tin.



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