Geneva Day 3


Last night was a little rough, as Geneva barfed from the Heartguard pill.  She also peed on my pillow after I brought her inside to my “studio,” after midnight, so we could doze while watching Netflix (some French crime movie that immediately put us both into a coma).

I walked her every few hours, and she did her peepees, and #2s, but there was still that pillow accident.  She felt bad about it too, so I had to reassure her that she was not in trouble.

Today we have to work on 4 main areas:

  1. heel
  2. no biting
  3. name recognition (Geneva/Kookie or Cookie is just not happening) / come here
  4. sit

I have found that little dabs of cream cheese go a little way toward training.

Geneva has a lovely little personality.  All she wants to do is learn what to do.  Her sister, Kass, was coddled for too long, and become a bit of wild child as a result.

We are not going to let this happen with Genny, or Cookie, or whatever her name ends up being (I dont happen to like Kookie, as it reminds me of the late Edd Byrnes — remember 77 Sunset Strip?! — who passed away less than a month ago, RIP, and my wife has a friend who had a Pomerania dog named Cookie, also now, er, up there with the Big Elvis.

Right now we are working on Velvet as nickname.  Fits her, and rolls smooth off the tongue. She comes right away when I use it to call her, so I think that settles it.

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