Nipping Geneva’s Nips

  A couple of new readers started following my blog recently. Welcome, Nicola from the North Country:  I was born in Staffs, not sure if that makes me a Northerner by birth or not (per your About section), and welcome toi, too, Gamal. I often like to check my followers' blogs to scope out what … Continue reading Nipping Geneva’s Nips

Channeling my inner Stroheim

Since moving to FLA, I have often thought of myself after my quasi retirement at age 49 as an easy-going guy, a sort of Sunshine State El Doodereeno SUP board dude. Weed? Fuck yeah. Schedules? I laugh. Polo shirt, khaki pants and loafers? Don’t be ridiculous. I wear cargos, torn tees, and flip flops. Short … Continue reading Channeling my inner Stroheim