Leaving Amerika is now on Instagram!

I’m starting to run out of free storage capacity on WP. So I created an Instagram account, and linked the two.  I’ve never used Instagram before, and am not sure why my test pic is not appearing on my browser when I navigate there:


but at least the Instagram widget feed works.

You can see it at the bottom of this blog’s Home Page.

My wife  and I are going to have breakfie at Abu Tig marina today, then maybe walk up to my secret blue lagoon that’s between the Mangroovy and Element beaches.

I plan to return to Element many times, as I discovered they have rentable SUPs there.  This is crucial step in my master plan to eliminate manboob and b-ball stomach lard.

However they want 10 €/hr, which is an insult to all noble Egyptians.  I have a 50 € note left over from our trip to Nice. So I will try to use my mad Khan Khalili negotiating skills to get 8 hours for that, Egyptian price, yo.

Let’s see if they go for it.


leaving america