The A Train To Inwood

Boiling hot, but we went anyway! Too bad we couldn’t walk through the park, but the threat of sunstroke was a bit too much, as was the stench of rotting garbage from all the sanitation trucks idling at the edge of Dykman Ave. We took the A back, but didn’t change to the 1 at 168th Street. Instead, we cooled our heels in the relatively empty A train, got off at 59th, & took the Broadway local going uptown. Got off at 103rd St, and had lunch — again — at Cafe du Soleil. Back at the hotel, we turned the sound off when the orange pig came on to grab some limelight off Aretha’s death. Don’t bother, shithead: not too many brothers are likely to be voting Republican anytime soon, except for those race traitors that you pay to show up at your so called rallies. I remember when John Lindsay, a former Republican mayor, went to Harlem, without a security detail during a time of racial turbulence. Why don’t you try that out, bone spur boy? Show us all what a tough guy you really are, as you trash talk authentic American heroes like John McCain, and lie about John Brennan being a security threat. The only real threat to this country is you, fuckface and the fun people who still support your sorry ass. Hear that? Mueller is coming… tic toc.