How to make $1,000 a week from your blog


dumbo tourist
Dumbo tourist

Clickbait headlines… so tedious. Why not read a classic work of fiction, instead of some stupid blog that has a really annoyingly small font size? I recommend Swinburne’s Lesbia Brandon. If you don’t know who Swindburne is, then you should go hang yourself for being such an ignorant pheasant, even though you can earn over a thousands euros a day reading Micro blogging provides incredible short form content that you can use for useful things like making money, so much money, money that is going to come out of your pores, there is so much of it. Now I hope you realize that this post is nothing more than proof in the pudding that blogging is complete jive, and that people spend less than 3 seconds scanning your stupid posts — that you as a dumb as a rock blogger spent hours perfecting. That is not the problem here, in leaving america, or is it leaving amerika, where you can make money even as you stick a selfie stick up your boyfriend or g/f’s nose while taking selfies in DUMBO because that is what you are, a dumbo tourist clogging up the traffic in ze streets of Brooklyn, in a warehouse district you could not pay me to have lived there back in the 70s. Okay so let’s see how many views this random nonsensical “content: (what a vomit-inducing Internaut word) gets. It lured you! Haha.

Alas there many hucksters are out there in Google Land trying to hustle you for a buck by promising get-rich-quick schemes from blogging.

The only entity actually making money off this bullshit is Google.

You should never use Google.

Use Tor.


And because Google or is it Alphabet Soup is totally evil, we must join together as online insurrectionists and publish nothing but misleading, nonsense clickbait posts in order to


Game on!