Made in Egypt

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Today we decided to have breakfast at 7th Star in Abu Tig marina in El Gouna, Egypt, on the Red Sea.

We took the buses, instead of walking. The Marina Line leg of the journey always stops at the Sheraton Miramar.  Some guy had to get off to take a leak, so I took some snaps as we waited and chatted with the driver in Arabic.

After arriving at the Marina we bought a tee at Three Corners for a friend of Erin’s called River.

Then we had breakfee at 7th star with the Babas, the sparrows, and a Gezira Club crow.

We took the bus back and decided to customize River’s tee.

So we went to San Bola in downtown Gouna.

We worked with a really nice guy called Henry who used a computer hooked up to a stitching machine to add the words RED SEA EGYPT under the dolphins on River’s tee.

It came out so nice that we got carried away. I bought myself a black tee, and had the word GOUNAMAN stitched in; Erin bought a blue golf shirt, and customized hers by adding a red Gouna starfish, EL GOUNA, and  RED SEA EGYPT in white lettering, as opposed to River’s neon blue colors.

The lettering is actually coral red


All Made in Egypt, using 100% Egyptian cotton. Tah’ya Masr!

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