Madison, CT

Arrived safe and sound, in Madison, CT, after surviving the twisty Merritt and packed  New England thruway.

This is a very small town, but with lots of what I think of as Neanderthal traffic: gigantic pick up trucks, loud motorcycles, beater sedans.

The old clapboard houses with a view of the Sound is where you want to be, if here, during the summer.  Our hotel was okay, but the room was nothing special.

Ashley’s sells some really good homemade ice cream, and the dumplings at Steamed Madison were tasty but overpriced: lunch for two cost $52

Bottom line: you could not pay me to live here, owing to the touristy vibe with a palpable undertow of phony entitlement; winter in Madison must be beyond desolate.  My beach in Fla is a million times better than what they have here.