The Plot Thickens

gouna egypt

So……… after my rental signing meeting walkout yesterday, I get a call this morning.

All my conditions are being met (see Nassabeen post, from earlier).  We meet at noon tomorrow to close the deal.

Well, unless there are some more fishy screwups tomorrow, I will stay in Gouna till April 14th, go up to Cairo by bus for 2 days, then back to the States on the 16th or so… insha’Allah.

gouna cat
Sandy can’t keep her little eyes open!

And the good thing about this new turn of the screw is:

  1. I won’t get in my wife’s way as she finishes up the Winter season at her store
  2. I get more time to walk around Gouna a lot and lose more weight
  3. I’ll be subjected to one less month of Trumplandia, before coming back
  4. I have enough Synthroid (the Graves Disease medicine I have to take to say alive) to last me till end of Avreel
  5. I get to spend a month in an even nicer place in Gouna, with a direct view of the Red Sea, during the most pleasant time of the year here
  6. This again makes possible the Marsa Alam desert safari
  7. There’s now plenty of time to visit by boat the various islands outside of Gouna

Somehow, I think this is going to work out.

I don’t like to be intimidated (who does?), but if someone is ready to stop telling me bullshit stories, like I’m some idiot, then I don’t bear any grudges, and will do the deal without any of the half truth, weasel nonsense.

Let’s see what develops bokra.

Everybody wants to rule the world.

That doesn’t work with me anymore, not at any possible level you can possibly think of playing it.

leaving america