Did Richard Gere flirt with my wife?

My wife chatting with Richard Gere in Manhattan, during his Cindy Crawford days


When it comes to leaving America to hang out in Gouna till the Orange Bat’ta is removed from office, you have to ask yourself, what, oh Lordie oh Lord, is it that I am actually going to do there?

Well, there’s always this.

luxor beer

And if that’s too filling, or too strong at 10%, there’s also this — which is actually Made in Gouna.

gouna wine

I like this idea of a wine called “Shahrazade,” or Scheherazade, as you khawagas like to say.

I’m thinking maybe it can tell me a story every night, as I sit at my comp and compose the novels that will finally gain me the literary recognition that has been so painfully deferred.


Just in case, what else is going on?

Well, if you’re talking Gouna in late September, you are talking film festival, dude:  as in the launch of the Gouna Film Festival.

gouna film festival

Now I don’t know much inside dope about this event, but I did notice the impressive number of FB likes it has accumalated.

So I went to Gouna News, the go-to place for everything Gouna.

There I learned that a “Superstar” Egyptian actress named Bushra is actively involved in making the festo a success.

If you are unfamiliar with her, Bushra has starred in numerous films, including Mohammed Diab’s Bus 678, which won top prize in 2010 at the Dubai International Film Festival.

Bushra also appeared in a minor role in legendary Egyptian helmer Youssef Chahine’s Alexandria New York.

As I read with great interest Gouna News, which you should bookmark if you ever are thinking of visiting the Red Sea, I also discovered that Bushra has just invited action hero Scottish actor Gerard Butler to GFF.


Now I have to admit that I am not overly familiar with Butler’s no doubt magnificent body of work, so I checked out Netflix, and, sure enough, there it was, a movie starring none other than himself.

I’ll deffo be watching London Has Fallen later tonight, despite, or pehaps because of this review in Eye for Film, but only after some light Nic Khoury comedy.


After all, there’s nothing like a Netflix action movie to lull me to beddie bye bye, even though this film does seem to trade in the always fascinating Moslem-are-swarthy-terrorists trope.

Never mind, the Lawrence O’Donnell micro cameo you see in the trailer is a plus.

Besides, I can always turn to YouTube and fall asleep watching Chahine score a few political points off Stallone.

I know what you’re really thinking.

Here’s the deal.

That Richard, he never stood a chance.