Gouna Sandbox

If you need a break from the techno scene in Germany, as I often do, even though I don’t actually live in Germany at the moment, and have never actually been to a techno DJ raveup (or is it, rave down: I am not sure on this point), you cannot miss going to upmarket Gouna this weekend for Nacelle’s annual Sandbox festival.

Looking for Mr. Gounabar

You can go kite surfing and mix with all the beautiful people in Egypt by the daytimes, or just hang back on your lilo, which you can buy at alibaba no problem, and chill in the evening like Bob Marley with a Heineken (Egyptian version, which is even more watery than the original: very good for the hydrations in the dry burning desert climate of this happening), and the German beautiful people too, who speak charmingly syntax-free mechanical English and like very much to go to such things, the raveups I mean, even if all the bearded men in black wifebeaters standing around make it seem like a leather bar, but with the European techno DJs and their good beats.

the happening raveup iin gouna

Sandbox is a small but very happening place. Notice the spaceship.

There are thousands of clubbers in Cairo who attend such funky raveups as the Funk N’ Beat every week, but now they will all be descending for the happening raves in Gouna this week-end, which actually is starting tomorow on the May 4 and ending on the Saturday of the May 6.
It is with the great hopes that the electronical wrist band paying system will be in good working order, especially when the Germans visitors are using it, and that the good beats will not cause the prices to double over the menu price as unfortunately was the happening in the previous year of Sandbox. Also, plans for a moshe pit this year were cancelled, as it is not expected that many Air Sinai passengers will be in attendance.

A woman in native garb chillin at Sandbox ’16

The DJ linuep is going to be very mind blowing, with the ever popular Aly B unfortunately missing this year, but then of course there will be many others, including The Bunker’s own Mike Servito, and many German and European as well as German Turkish beat DJs and all of these kinds of things, and it’s truly a Heineken miracle where the money is coming to pay for all these funky European and American DJs. with their rave beats.


And in an electrifiying stroke of marketing genius that is totally happening, Nacelle is going to be hosting the unplugged reunion of the legendary Yardbirds, who are of course the band that pioneered the original 1965-style raveups. These should be not be confused with the underground raves that started taking place in the 90s in abandoned Northen UK warehouses that had too much of the psychotropics and also of course many other kinds of things. Hats off to Nacelle for their happening thinking with the Yardbirds coup, who will be represented by the Uncommon Bullbulls, an Egyptian tribute band to this legendary group,

Splendiforous Hind and the boys

Perhaps the only minus in a sea of pluses will be that Orange Blossom (who came back to the music scene with their authentic Egyptian singer, Hind Ahmed) will not be doing the happening beats at the Sandbox this year. They are a sophisticated blend of electric violin and piano with African beats and Nile music beats and post-Punk beats that you can dance to in a mellow way, especially after a few Heinekens and crazy beach shishas, and so l hope Nacelle can be in the positive thinkings frame of mind about bringing the Orange Blossom to Gouna when the Sandbox grooves rave up again in 2018.

A sandbox is a testing environment that isolates untested code changes and outright experimentation from the production environment or repository, in the context of software development including Web development and revision control. ~ Wiki