Where I’m At

paint on hand

Spent all of last week painting 4 rooms in our new house.  I will spare you the details — particularly what it took fo rme to get rid of the filthy, dog-urine-stained, wall-to-wall carpet and padding that was in there before.  Bottom line, it doesn’t look half-bad now, but I was completely knackered by Sunday night, when I finally finished the job at 11PM, just in time for the new carpets install that was scheduled for Monday morning.

In other news, we finally had a solid offer on our house up in New York.  After a brief and friendly negotiation, we settled on a price that is agreeable to both parties.  The critter guy came by on Tuesday to remove any dead bodies in preparation for the inspection on Friday.  If everything goes smoothly, my wife and I might soon be flying up to Westchester one last time — where we first met each other eons ago — to empty out the house, ship any stuff we want to keep down to Florida, and take care of any other loose ends, such as selling the mint-condition newish Subaru we keep up there.

Meanwhile, we are also going to focus on fixing the crappy, small house we were stuck living in in Florida for longer than I care to say.  There is a bunch of unavoidable, expensive fixing-up we need to do on that house, but once that’s completed, it should sell by summer. Despite the expense, I anticipate us clearing a tidy sum, and that, along with the sale of the New York place, should net us peace of mind financially for the rest of our days, as we settle into the bigger place we recently purchased down the street.

I am not at all convinced that I am going to live in Florida year round by 2024.  If you are reader of this blog, then you know exactly what my views are of the sorts of people who tend to live in this repulsive state, either as snow birds or permanent residents.  The Presidential election next year will no doubt play an important roles in our decisions in that regard.

Thus, we plan to revisit Portugal this year, and evaluate our options.

Little by slow, we’ll eventually live there.

I can feel it.