Geneva at 6 weeks Old

You can see Geneva at .40 sec.  She has the white splotch on her left back foot.  Her sister is also part of that sequence.  My wife sorta wants us to get Geneva’s sister, too, as no one has put their dibbs on her yet. Two sheppies in a small house?! The madness of it all!

puppy sleeping

Here she is sleeping.  Puppies sleep a lot!

porch screen protector

Meanwhile I went to Lowe’s this morning to find a solution for doggie-proofing the back patio.  After some looking around at different ideas, I decided on the Adfors Screen and Storm Door Grille.

This stuff ain’t cheap; thirty dolah — or, as you Americans say, smackeroonies, which for some mysterious syntactical reason, is idiomatically correct only when used as a plural noun — each at Lowe’s, slightly more at Zon.

But they only had six.  I need 12 more. Home Demon didn’t have them, so I will have to put these up and decide what to do about getting more.


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