The SD Card Reader Blues

UPDATE: I went downtown and ordered the flash card reader. It should arrive at noon tomorrow. By the way there was no 12 o’clock bus to take me there from my house; so I waited around for a while, then finally it came half an hour late. New bus driver. These guys don’t seem to last long; the Gouna bus service is, as usual, an abomination — with the lack of suspension, no AC, and doors that do not open properly. It was hot downtown, so all the pestering biting flies were out, so I just came right back, instead of having a pleasant lunch as was planned. I’m in no mood for the Gouna micro Egypto chaos scene today, which downtown was, despite the main square being empty, except for lots of shisha people sitting around throwing off massive carcinogenic pollutants, and tuc tuc shitheads pestering “Misters” every which way but loose, and storekeepers doing their brain dead “ha-lo, ha-lo, welcome to Egypt” moronic thing anytime time they spy a tourist within earshot;  I don’t have to be subjected to any of that crap. Meanwhile a bunch of what are called here “guests” seemed to have rented the place next door for the weekend, for as I waited for the noon bus that never came, five young greasers that I’ve never seen before, all packed in a dented white sedan, swerved into the driveway next door, and then I heard the unmistakable clinking sound of cases of Instant Courage being unloaded from the trunk, and lots of raucous laughing, as they scurried around the place like talking roaches. Moments later, the music started up. This promises to be yet another Gouna weekend from hell. Good thing for me I have earbuds and a comp and a TV that can I can blast all night. Good thing for them it’s not ’85.


It’s warmed up today, so I’m going to town to have lunch and buy a replacement for my SD card reader, which I cannot find anywhere. I must have left it in the Abu Tig marina apt when I moved here.

Too bad I can’t simply slip the SD card from my camera into the Chromebook Plus, but’s it’s a micro SD card slot, so it won’t fit.

sd readerI’ve put in a formal bid for renting the new villa, and am awaiting a response.

I also called Cairo to make sure my relatives will be around when I go back up in two months.

If the rental goes through, I plan to to take the el cheapo GO bus to Cairo around mid April, then hop on an Egyptair direct flight to JFK, then maybe stay in NYC for a few days, or maybe not, before returning to Florida.

Should everything go okay, I will be back here in early October, and stay for 7 – 9 months — far FAR away from all the you-know-what from you-know-where about you-know-who.

Good grief.

leaving america