Covid Rollout Disaster in Florida Continues


Happy St. Paddy’s! Wonder how many teens will hang off the lamp posts on Fifth Avenue today! Used to be Metro North gave special dispensation till late at night, for all the Fordham kids.  Guess no more.

Logged in the Publix site today before 7am.  My county was fully booked by 7:11am.  So the disastrous Publix rollout continues.

Tried the Winn-Dixie web site yesterday.  That too was a complete clusterfuck, impossible to negotiate on a smartphone, hard on a laptop. Apparently Winn Dixie thinks it has the vaccine shots, but then when you drill to, say, their pharmacies near me, they don’t.

There is one other way, logging in through a Florida (contracted out to who knows who: privacy and HIPPA issues are ignored by Florida during this pandemic) web site that directs you to get shots at some mall a half+ hour away in brain-dead, stop-and-go snowbird geezer traffic.

Meanwhile very few reports by the county or state w/ any hard information regarding the vaccine rollout in this state — such as what should people with Graves’ Disease (which I have) do.  Had to venture to the UK’s (country of my birth) NHS web site for that information.

And Spring break is coming up — school closed here starting today — with  no mask mandates on the beaches, bars or the many golf courses around here.

I am going to wait for the Federal Vaccine deployment to fix this Republican-engineered mess.

Update: drove up to my local Winn-Dixie.  They said they are giving it, but there are no spaces available.  Try the web site again on Monday, they said.


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