Florida looking to go Lebowski

florida pot legal
this came in the mail last week

Keep on trucking, dudes.

With many Sunshine State farmers no doubt all in behind this initiative (it could turn into a lucrative cash cow crop, possibly out-bigging Big Sugar), it just might get on the ballot in November — but, this being FLA, there are formidable hurdles to overcome.

For example, I’m sure there’s nothing hypocritical about an 86-year-old colonial-settler asswipe, who made his money off folks gambling and drinking their faces off in Vegas, thinking he has the right to interfere in how Floridians choose to live their lives.

Meh. At his age, this repulsive-looking toad will be joining his son Mitchell soon enough.

So all in all, 2020 keeps looking better and better with each passing day…. heh heh.

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