Egyptian Synthroid


A reader of my blog asked me via Instagram if you can get Synthroid in Egypt.  She lives in Florida, has Graves, and is thinking of expating to Aswan.

I am running low on my Graves Disease med.  So I went to the El Gouna pharmacy at the hospital, and asked if they had any Levothyroxin  in 175 MCG tabs.

The pharmacist said no, but she did have Eltroxin, a brand name for Thyroxin.  She did not have 175 tabs, only 100 and 50 MCG doses, so I bought them both.  Since I have a pill cutter, all I have to do is cut a 50 in half, and swallow that, along with 1 100MCG and 1 50 MCG pill.

It’s a pill to have to swallow 3 pills instead of 1, but I have enough Levothyroxine (a generic in Florida for Synthroid) to last me till mid April, which is when I plan to return to the US.

I check on my comp, and indeed Levothyroxine and Thyroxine are equivalent:  they are both synthetic T4 hormones.

And the beauty of it all is that I did not need a prescription to buy this, and it only cost a couple of bucks for the both.

Hope that answers your question, Florida fan!

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