Florida’s Endless Covid Vaccine Clusterf**k

As the spineless, careerist, sedition-cop-murder-supporting Republicans in the Senate continued their conspiracy to subvert Joe Biden’s presidency during the sadly horrifying impeachment trial of a traitorous NY grifter and would-be autocrat, Governor Desantis’  — one of Trump’s many political lapdog toadies — disastrous Online Covid Registration clusterfuck continued today in Florida.  55,000 vaccine appts were made available at 7am in FLA  as a whole by Biden’s CDC thru Publix.  None available an hour-and-half later in South Florida locations.

I live in a Treasure Coast gated community full of aging, hate-filled, right-wing Republican monstrosities who continue to support the seditionist, lifelong scammer from Queens.

They continue not to wear masks at our HOA’s two pools, ditto when playing golf, bocce, and pickle ball tennis. No doubt some are secure in the knowledge that they had concierge access to the vaccine.

Other sagging-flesh, sun-addled dimwits of their ilk probably are of the racist opinion that COVID  is only a “ni**er” disease that affects inferior races.

I did finally get in to make an appointment around 8:40am, but available remaining slots were at counties hundreds of miles away, in the North and West of Florida, by Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville — so I bailed out, even though Publix now has my Medicare number and DOB, which I had to provide first, before selecting a county to have my vaccine shots.

Who knows where that info will end up?

This obscene farce is scheduled to be repeated on Friday.  Meanwhile the coming availability of vaccines at Winn-Dixie and Walmart and CVS will be extremely limited, with none in my county, and the Walmart web site has already crashed.  How can you trust the data security of these amateurish deployments?

Biden needs to come in as soon as possible with FEMA and Federal troops backup and conduct mass vaccines in Florida’s many fairgrounds.

It is obvious — despite appearances to the contrary — that most of the Trump worshipping geezer crowd that live in this shithole state are desperate for the COVID vaccine, so DeSantis in the end would probably back down, but not before making all kinds of stupid Trumpie noise.

At any rate, at 9am, I decided to take my sheppie for a walk. As I drove past a house down the street, a middle aged black man was washing two cars in the driveway, cars that belonged to a couple not much older than him.  Across the street, the Betsy Ross flag — a 13-star flag that has been appropriated by various domestic terrorists across the US — was flying parallel to the ground, stuck in the hedge of a septuagenarian asshole who likes to wear a big white cowboy hat.

I kept going, past the Latin Americans who were mowing the St. Augustine grass lawns and clipping the pool’s hedges, past the leathery old hags doing group calisthenics in the pool, and past a whole bunch of whiteys without masks in their ugly carts playing golf — the universal pastime of entitled racists — on links that various inferior races had manicured for them at dawn.

It occurred to me that all these white old men looked exactly like the terrorists you see in the video presented at Trump’s second Senate trial (see above).

All that was missing were the MAGA hats and giant Trump flags.

All was right with whitey’s world.

Trump was going to be given a pass by Senate Republicans.  DeSantis was making sure Dade county was not getting any vaccines.  Negroes were washing white-owned cars, and Mexicans were doing all the white-owned yardwork on a hot, humid Florida day — and everyone knew their rightful place under the antebellum sun.

But all isn’t going quite whitey’s way, it appears.

Consider this morning’s news

Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis has just launched an “investigation [that] includes, but is not limited to, potential violations of Georgia election law prohibiting the solicitation of election fraud, the making of false statements to state and local government bodies, conspiracy, racketeering, violation of oath of office, and any involvement in violence of threats related to the election’s administration.”

The first of many to come, one hopes, against Trump, and his major enablers in the Senate (particularly the treasonous, ill-mannered boor known as Josh Hawley), Trump appointed members of the Judiciary who allowed these insurrectionists to go freely after their arrest, various Republican corrupt state officials who conspired with Trump to spread THE BIG LIE, starting with FLA, violent right wing supremacists, such as those in Michigan (famous for its costumes party militias wandering around the woods, semi automatic machine guns in hand), Washington state, and elsewhere, and the scumbag billionaire donors or tax evading corporations who helped make this nightmare presidency possible.

Trump and his odious racketeering accomplices must be pursued by legal authorities  to the ends of this earth, relentlessly — just like when Israelis hunted Nazi war criminals with no regard for statutes of limitations — until this fascist, Hitlerian movement is permanently eradicated from our land, and all the extreme right wing seditionist perps involved in the violence on Jan 6 are brought to justice.


cairo airport
Watching the shasha listing Erin’s flight to NY, with tears rolling down my eyes

Yesterday, Erin and I woke up at 2AM and took a nice Budget limo at 3:30am  from El Gouna to Hurghada airport.

We arrived there just before 4am, and stood in line to get past the first security check point (there were 2 of them: one to get in Terminal 2, the other to get to the boarding area.)

As we waited in line, several Egyptian passengers just ignored the line of affrangi tourists waiting patiently and politely and sauntered right to the security gate. Amazingly, airport security let them through, no problem. This happened at both security check points. These flouters were not airport personnel, or business class goombas; these were regular economy-class Egyptian passengers.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa is an Egyptian slang expression that means “excuse me, but… .” It’s used when you contradict someone, or say something mildly controversial, but without wishing to offend. That is not how I am going to use it here:  I will use the term in the most offensive sense possible.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, you Egyptians who blithely walked past the security line at Hurghada airport:  I hope Homeland Security in the US  or passport control in Europe give you a really hard time, and delay you for hours looking through your stinking mounds of luggage.  I hope some of you will be sent back to CAIR, in as humiliating way as possible.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I hope the guy who banged his knees for 12 hours on the back of my wife’s seat on the flight back to JFK gets kneecapped by goons back in Little Egypt, Queens.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I hope the hayawan (Arabic for animal) who tried to take my seat on the flight back to Hurghada at 11Pm (I told him to move) has his arm broken one day; after all, he saw nothing wrong, after we changed seats, and I sat by the window, of sticking his hand in front on my face to take pictures with his smartphone.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, too, for my grabbing that hayawan‘s arm, and rudely shoving it back to his space, saying, loudly: what are you doing?

cairo airport
El Gouna’s Minister of Loneliness

Maybe it’s that I was tired from lack of sleep. Maybe it was being upset at Erin leaving, as I morphed into the desolate Minister of Loneliness of Gouna.

Fear not:  I have plans. Suddenly, my basketball stomach is becoming rather flat.  I like that, real lots. The jowls are starting to disappear, as  globules of retained lard evaporate from my face from all the walking.  I love that, as I want to look like me again — the not-bad-looking dude — as opposed to some unattractively fat, Dr. Repulso Florida geezer — which is what I had become, when I arrived in El Gouna in mid September.

The other day, a friend came up to me at 7th Star, as I was having breakfast with Erin, and said:  I almost didn’t recognize you!  You’ve lost so much weight!

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I was beaming at the compliment, even though for a moment I took it as if it were Tom Waits riffing on Letterman about his New Car Smell deodorant.

And so I’ve resolved to spend all the self-involved time I have remaining in Gouna (the North Golf mid March to mid April rental seems to be falling though) admiring my progress in the mirror, walking to Abydos marina and back every day, eating modestly (Gounaman feta cheese and avocado sammies are my new thing, and I’m considering doing a Yul Brynner), drinking lots of  water and fresh orange juice,  and occasionally dining on lentil soup, bamia (okra, prepared Egyptian style), and stuffed grape leaves at Kan Zaman.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I no longer care much about things that do not concern me.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, I’m not in the least bit interested in the US government shutting down.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I’m unmoved by Peter Falk and Paul Bocuse’s deaths.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I could give a rat’s ass if the orange perv drops dead tomorrow from cheeseburgers or malignant ego mania.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I choose not to make use of US right wing, low-brow etymology in normal parlance, or in anything I happen to write.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I don’t care if the US stock market is going though the roof, or tanking like a Ruskie slut dropping to her knees in some shady back alley in Budapest.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I don’t give a shit what Brit and German tourists think of real estate prices in Gouna or how lovely it is in their lovely homes on the Costa del Sol in their ethnocentric compound bubbles.

gouna cat
Sandy on the couch, sleeping

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but I could give two craps if the recent resto change in restaurant ownership in Abu Tig marina was allegedly obtained — yes the nasty rumor mills work overtime in Gouna too! —  via relentless ambition powered by unmentionable personal compromises.

La-Moo-Akh-Zaa, but all I care about is getting thin, getting cardio fit, getting a 6-pack flat stomach and ridding myself of those soul-destroying Old Man moobs, maybe taking a stab at writing inconsequential fiction, reading  David Byrne’s journal (too bad his American Utopia 2018 tour does not include a stop in Gouna), as well as keepin up with the LRB  and NRB, and literary articles like this fascinating Philip Roth one in the NYT, and of course going through the novels on my Kindle, as I sit with Sandy the cat by my pool in the warm afternoon sun with the desert mountains in the distance.

Call me superannuated, call me an overprivileged ahole, but, la-Moo-Akh-Zaa, do me a favor, and never, NEVER, think of me of someone who is ever going to be fooled again by The Big Lie. Now excuse me, while I admire the cat who adopted me catch some snoozies.

leaving america