Geneva eats solid food

For the last post of the decade, or should I say, da-kaid, I thought I might reveal a glimpse of the future.

One of the two pups with the white feet you see in the vid above is Geneva, the German German Shephered puppie I will finally be seeing in person in mid January.

This vid is of her litter having their first semi solid food meal, with Mama looking on approvingly. Cute! And so messy!

Now in about 15 days or thereabouts, I will post a pic of me holding Geneva at last — after my wife and I travel down to Boca to visit the breeder.

In other news, lots of changes coming up for 2020.

These will give me an excuse to drastically cut back on spending time and effort on enriching a pointless diversion with glorious fresh content.

At my age, there’s little time to waste.

With fewer days left, now I ask myself each morning… what should I do today, given this reality.

Like many bloggers who start off with high hopes, none of the (what I considered) serious and important topics I did write about — wanting to leave the US after Trump’s abhorent election, travelling to foreign countries for long periods of time, dealing with boomer issues relating to health and a creeping sense of irrelevance — seemed to resonate.

Instead, a handful of people — whom I initially suspected were actually “Like” topic-specific bots — checked out only those posts that had doggie content.

Contrast to my blog launch article, which I thought was a piece of reasonably unshitty writing.

That masterpiece elicited no comments and if I remember correctly, zero views.  Even when I actually went to Portugal to the town where Pessoa’s relatives still live. (The post is about Fernando, and other things.)

Nobody likes a failed blog whiner, but…

Maybe it’s that the age of TLDR; brooks no writing that goes beyond 33 characters on average — unless it’s on some heavily-trafficked news or zine platform that people engage in mainly via pithily ironic comments.

Maybe the digital future increasingly seems to belong to fascist provocateurs as well as various exhibitionists moronically cosplaying on Twitch, as if Lou Reed, glam, and early David Bowie had never existed.

Maybe it’s that Guttenberg is killing WordPress.

Maybe it’s the annoying weird little WordPress ads.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t * gulp * write as entertainingly as I think.

For those who did enjoy LeavingAmerika, best of luck going forward in the politically dangerous year ahead.

We’l all need it.

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