On Palaeography

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHRbuu8c8nw Are you in a swivet over the impeachment trial yet? I thought so. Well, relax, you can take your mind off  the orange circus by entering my no-drama world.  No charge! Let's try a little mind experiment. Picture yourself in a large, semi-upscale gated community, with lots of lakes, preserved Old Florida undergrowth, and … Continue reading On Palaeography


After much thought, I've decided to renew my "rental" of the LeavingAmerika.com domain for another year. I launched this blog 3 years or so ago, after the election of 2016.  Originally the URL was nicalebela.wordpress.com, because I thought that my wife and I might be moving to Nice, France, in 2017. I had realized soon … Continue reading Renewal