it is sunday april 30 at 3:45am

my knee feels stable, after 6 hours rest.

i fell asleep last night watching Netflix’ Sweet Tooth series, which passes the time when i am not packing up all the bric-a-brac, dinnerware, silverware, pots and pans, dish towels, napkins, assorted spices, oils, ready-to-eat food, batteries, bic pens, jugs, mugs, cookbooks, flashlights, assorted scissors, plastic bags and various other domestic erratum that’s been gathering dust for eons in this house.

because of my MCL injury, i have to pace myself.  i am staying put in the house 100% of the time — not missing much, as it is crappy out for this time of year in new york — resting my leg and popping Aleves when the pain becomes unbearable from all the packing

the good news is: the first floor is now done.  entrance hallway, main living room, dining room, kichen, downstairs bathroom, pantry — done.

today is the dreaded basement.

i plan on having it packed up and ready sometime later today, which will then leave me with only the top floor of the house to finish by Tuesday, before Junkluggers come on Wed to remove all the boxes and loose picture frames that were hanging on the walls

there will be about 30 boxes in all for them to haul away

thank God i had the foresight to order the Home Depot boxes before leaving Florida, where I live permanently

i do not know what i would have done without them

after Junkluggers empty out the the boxes etc on Wednesday, the house will now be primed and ready for phase 2 on Friday — which is when JunkPros come in to take away all the heavy furnitery stuff

that is going to be a big expensive job

but come Saturday, the house will finally be empty — except for our clothes and a few essentials my wife and i need to get us through till Thursday May 11, which is the day of the closing, when we leave NY for probably the last time in our lives

the physical labor part of our trip will mostly be done by next weekend

my wife has been a great help, given my bum right knee — a Stage 1 MCL tear I incurred while playing with my GSD last weekend right before leaving Fla

gsd running
poochie is having a ball at the farm in florida while we’re gone

but what is really making this happen is being relentless in the face of this and dozens of other seemingly insurmountable obstacles that have stood in the way of selling a basically so so house in a down market for a very good price

like a animal on a hunt

the prey is quite near

soon it will be time to pounce for the kill.