Mona was a married and had a kid. She went out to get the kid’s milk, and was violated. So she wrote about this experience on FB, and now Mona languishes in an Egyptian prison.

“There are 120 thousand false rumors about Egypt spread by our enemies every month,” said the paranoid general.

He cleared his throat and look into the TV cameras, as the Egyptian people sipped coffee and smoked cigarettes.

“The world has turned into balbala,” the general intoned, “which is why we have to block hundreds of Internet sites, and arrest those who spread the kizb. This is all the work of the Moslem Brotherhood and the Quataris who support those evil dogs.”
Yesterday, on the road that leads to the Pyramids, where I used to bicycle as a boy, and where my mother learned how drive in the beautiful early 50s, three Vietnamese tourists were killed on El-Maryoutiya Street.
Meanwhile, a young man, known only as Suspect A. has been taken into custody for creating a program that scrapes data off  Facebook.
We were all Khaled, once; pity how that’s all changed.
The general’s Tafwid speech in 2013, in which he asked the Egyptian people for absolute power has actually engendered more instability.
Operation Sinai has no end in sight. Of course the Israelis could occupy the Sinai in a day, if they wanted, but they like things the way they are.
It is well-known that the true role of the military in Egypt is to siphon off Egyptian revenues for the benefit of a tiny elite that has no conscience — no dameer.
It is for this reason that Amn el dawla, the department exits:  to terrify those who ask why?

“We are proud that we have tried more traitors in military courts than China has this century,” mused the general while polishing his black shades.
He added: “We will not be afraid even try Americans, unless it pays us more millions.”

It was Giulio Regeni, who was killed not long ago, the authorities said, by a mob of Cairene homosexuals.
The smoking of hashish was never a mob activity, but the nights in Zamalek now are always dangerous.
This is what the general told himself, as he pounded his zibiba on his private praying carpet.
Tillerson’s decision last year (to withhold arms and billions of dollars from Egypt) was especially surprising because America’s gangster clown has fawned over the general, calling him a “fantastic guy.”
What Pompeo later did was take advantage of a provision in the law letting him waive the needed certification on U.S. national security grounds.
At the heart of Chaos Theory is the notion that order and chaos are two sides of the same coin.
Ignore the chaos, and you will discover the inner workings of a perfectly deterministic set of political equations that are exquisitely tuned to erase you from the face of this earth, should you dare resist.
There is no doubt that the global forces of liberalism are in retreat.
In the end, what is left of earth’s population will live in mountainous regions.
What is unknown at this time is if the fascists will permanently be defeated after the sad conclusion of WW3, or if they will always lurk in the shadows after the earth itself is almost annihilated.