If you desire to the read the posts I’ve written over the past few years on the subject of weight loss, just click here.

And yet, talk is cheap:  it is easy to wishpost about one’s ambitious weight loss New Year resolutions, then forget all about them come mid Feb.

If you’re getting up there, like me, and trying to shed major weight, well, your work is definitely cut out for you.

Like me, you probably were at least semi athletic once.

Like me, you probably never had a weight problem until you got older.

Like me, you probably once looked sharp in nice clothes, and had plenty of self-confidence.

Well, now those days are over.

Or are they?

I feel ambivalent about doing this but I have decided to start keeping a private page containing a pic gallery (which I am updating every Friday, between May 10th and November 8th, 2019 ) that will show in unflattering detail any progress I make during the next 7 months.

We’ll see how this all works soon enough.

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